Rguments/ Theories of Pschological Egoism vs. Ethical Egoism

There are only two sources that should be used and I will upload both. Please do not consult other sources and there should be no need to do so. I have scanned the relevant chapters for this assignment.

The Fundamentals of Ethics by Russ Shafer Landau (is one source) and the other is an article on Psychological Egoism/ Ethical Egoissm. I will also upload a short paper I wrote on the Psych egoism if it helps at all with the argument and my thoughts.

Choose two of the moral theories (Psychological/ Ethical Egoism) and describe the strongest case Landau (uploaded) makes for each. Then defend one of the views against the other. Raise objections to the view youre rejecting (Psych Egoism) and provide original reasons for thinking your chosen view (Ethical Egoism) is more plausible. In this case I would like defending some of the views in Ethical Egoism against Psychological Egoism