Ria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhooda? by Richard Rodriguez

Write easily since im an international school student and its for international writing class.
Write about what Rodriguez is trying to understand. The answer to this question is NOT a?We should all do things this way or that way;a? his topic here (bilingual education) is evidence, not his idea, and a key part of this progression involves learning to tell the difference.

1. Locate a stylistic element of Rodriguezas work that strikes you as significant. Describe it, give an example, and then explain how this element of form relates to the essayas idea.

2. Think back to the work of the Reckoning progression, in International Writing Workshop I. Is there anything you feel Rodriguez has left out, failed to consider, or not thought about in enough depth? If Rodriguez is trying to understand something with this essay, what can you contribute to the conversation? Keep in mind, this essayas idea is about more than bilingual education, therefore your thinking here cannot simply bring up some aspect of the debate (pro or con/right or wrong) heas not considered. I
All this work should take 2 full pages. While you will obviously address these questions one at a time, what you turn in to me should work as a coherent whole, a two-page essay that ends with your attempt to instigate Rodriguez in conversation.

above prompt was given from professor. you can find that essay(Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhooda? by Richard Rodriguez) on google. please write it easily, easy vocabs.