Riction: An Ethnography of Global Connection

I need a book report on: Friction by Anna Tsing: political engagement?

Please contextualize Friction. Is the author relying on/in dialogue with/criticizing specific authors or schools of thought?

What do you think is this ethnographys contribution to Anthropology? What are your observations/positive remarks/criticisms of this ethnography?

Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph where you illuminate the reader on what she is going to read about. Have separate sections with headings.

Riction: An Ethnography of Global Connection

It should focus on Tsings book Friction. Your task is to 1), describe at least two of the theoretical frameworks Tsing uses to examine the culture and community of the Meratus Dayaks in Indonesian Borneo, and 2) apply at least one of those to one of the other situations that are Democracy, Religion, Science, Aesthetics, Body/Self, Heroines and Heroes, Colonialism, or the Environment

You should briefly describe the frameworks, or lenses, Tsing uses in her examination of globalization and culture as it plays out in Indonesia, and then apply one or more of them to one of the situations weve looked at in our other readings. This is not a right or wrong sort of thing, but rather a How well can I thinksort of thing.

You will be graded on your ability to do the above clearly, concisely, and imaginatively, as well as on basic technical issues like writing and MLA 7 citation style. You must cite all your references properly