Rief left untreated can be detimental to ones health and even result in death

The paper can be at least 10 pages but can be up to 15 not including the cover page, excerpt, title page, bibliography.
1. Paper must contain excerpt or synopsis of paper (a general overview of no more than eight to ten lines only)
2. Introduction must state topic and opinion/statement of belief.
3. Body of essay should include statistics: gender, race, socio-economic level, age of onset, symptoms, long term prognosis etc. Also to be included behavioural, psychological, biological etc perspectives. Also to include the DSM IV data (up loaded later
4. Paper should discuss the method/s of treating the condition (stress and coping has many aspectes of effective therapy.)
5. Conclusion should confirm that the data supports the statement of belief
6. Paper must be on 8×10, font 12 and in Times New Roman