Riends with Benefits, Interpersonal Communications

Course is : Interpersonal communications
Choose a movie, any movie you want (Friends with Benefits), and apply the concepts youave learned in this class to the movie.

Your job is to find concepts from the course as you watch the movie a and then provide clear, descriptive examples from the movie of those concepts in your paper. An a?Aa? paper will use the introduction to provide a description of the plot of the movie, will discuss at least 5 course concepts, and demonstrate a strong understanding of the concepts with examples from the movie.

For example, The Breakfast Club is a movie about teenagers who get stuck in detention on a Saturday morning together. They are all from different groups (i.e. jock, popular girl, a?emoa? girl, trouble-maker, etc.) and the movie is about the development of a friendship between these people who had never spoken before. Therefore, in my essay I would definitely discuss self-disclosure as one course concept and I would provide examples from the different points of self-disclosure from the movie. A second concept I would discuss in my essay would be identity management. Then I would provide detailed examples from the movie about presenting self and facework. A third concept I would discuss is perception because each teen comes from a different crowd. They have perceptions of each other that they explore throughout the movie. I would then move on to discuss two more concepts to meet the minimum of five concepts, provide examples from the movie, wrap it up in a conclusion with a brief summary of what Ive covered, and then my paper would be complete.

The purpose of this assignment is to get you to search for examples of things weave learned in class and demonstrate to me that you have a strong understanding of them by giving me detailed examples.