Riendship: Characteristics, maintenance and influences

A qualitative masters level psychology lab report on the characteristics, maintainance and influences on adult friendships. The age group of the adults in 22-39 years old. All are white British and reside in the Midlands.
Under this heading there must be sub headings which must include the following:
Trust and friendship
Honesty and friendship
Similar interests/things in common between friends
Understanding and friendship
Reliability and friendship
Difference between romantic love and friendship
Balancing romantic relationship with friendships
This section must highligh what is important for friendships, and what qualities distinguishes associates and colleagues from friends and best friends.

The next major theme is Maintainance of friendships. Included in this must be:
The effort rrequired to maintain a friendship
Physical distance/moving away to live elsewhere: Impact of that on friendship.
Growing apart/ life going in separate direction to friends life
How friendship changes over time
Mistrust/being let down by a friend
What causes friendships to break down

The third majoy theme is Influences of friendships. Under this heading the following must be included:
Influence of parents on the type of friends you have
Influence of friends on your social behaviour, social skills, recreation, finances, moral behaviour, and hobbies.