Rik Ericksons Stages of Psychosocial Development

The topic of the paper will be for the student to select three of Eriksons Stages of Psychosocial Development. You are to research the characteristics of the three stages. You will also interview someone in each of your chosen age groups (i.e., a total of three different people) and determine on which side of the psychosocial crises each person falls. Be able to support your determination with both research and examples from the persons life or interview. I am not interested in a transcript of the interview, rather pull the relevant pieces and summarize or quote these.

For the paper overall you will also need an introductory and conclusive paragraph. Thus, you will have an introduction, section one with research of one stage and then determination regarding your participant, section two with research of another stage and then determination regarding another participant, section three with research regarding yet another stage and then determination regarding yet another participant, and conclusion. Each section should be two to three pages; please provide a heading regarding Eriksons stage and the name and age of the person. For example, your heading might be Intimacy versus isolation, Diana, age 19.”

You are to have at least three research sources. Sources should be scientific in nature, written and conducted by a researcher. If you have questions about whether a particular piece of research qualifies, feel free to ask me. At a minimum it needs to have an identifiable author, not merely Psychology Today,etc. Your text, Wikipedia, Spark Notes (and any other kind of Cliff notes”) do not count as sources although you can use them for extra information