Rime Analysis and Good Writing Strunk: The Elements of Style

Read/review the following resources for this activity:
141/ (Note: The Strunk & White version is still copyrighted, so you would have to buy it, but Strunki??s original version is in the public domain.)
Introduction: Good Writing
In these Word lessons, we learn how to create more attractive products, but we cant forget that the cornerstone of any bulletin or report is good writing. A well-written bulletin on a typewriter is better than a badly-spelled, illogically constructed desktop publishing document, no matter how outwardly attractive.
Probably the best book on good writing remains The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White. At around 100 pages, you could read it in an afternoon, but it has the best writing tips youll find anywhere. I almost always have a copy with me.

Visit the website for the original version and scan through Strunki??s recommendations for good writing. Then, answer the following questions:

What style points do you think would be particularly useful for crime analysis?

What style points do you think that you frequently violate, and which do you feel you adhere to particularly well?

Do you disagree with any of Strunki??s elements of style?