Rime Analysis Why Does Detroit Have Such a High National Murder Rate

Murder/ Detroit Michigan Murder was topic Choice for Analyzing UCR Data

Activity Instructions

In the resources for this week, youll find a spreadsheet of the UCR reported crime figures for 2011. The version I have uploaded includes all American cities and towns with more than 20,000 residents.

Your assignment is to:

1) Choose one particular crime I chose Murder for the City of Detroit

2) Calculate the RATE per 100,000 residents for all cities for that crime. There is a video in Unit 4 that shows how to do this for one particular crime.

3) Sort the spreadsheet by that rate.

4) Calculate the average (mean) value for all cities at the bottom of the spreadsheet. This is also in the video.

5a) Choose one of the cities and towns near the top of the list. Somewhere in the top 25 would be good. I chose Detroit, Michigan

6) Using qualitative research methods, attempt to explain why the city or town has such a high or low crime rate. You can use content analysis (web and newspapers), Site visits(either in person or through online aerial image and street-level photo searching), and/or interviews with someone in the city (such as the crime analyst!) The Wikipedia page for the city is a good place to start to get a broad overview and then lead to other sources.

7) Based on your qualitative research, see if you can identify one or more discrete problems within the data. For instance, if you were studying National City, Californias auto theft rate, a specific problem would be Cars stolen and immediately taken over the Mexican border for resale.If you were looking into Los Angeless violent crime rate, it might be Gang violence in impoverished urban areas.”

4 pages (approx. 300 words per page), not including title page or references page
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman or comparable font
At least three properly-formatted in-text references in the document for all external sources that you used to understand the problem. You do not need to cite the data file.
References page for all references cited in the paper