Rime and how rehabilitation is more important than punishment for our own good as a country

I need a 13 slide powerpoint for my humanities class I also need an outline of the powerpoint as well. I payed 9 pages total, 7 for the 13 powerpoint slides, 1 for the works cited page, and one for the outline

Position (Problem & Solution) Assignment

For this assignment, students will develop an argument about some aspect of one the following philosophical concepts:

*please pick crime



Social Media


Material Goods




To fulfill this assignment, students must:
1) identify a problem and 2) provide a realistic solution to that problem
Incorporate at least 3 scholarly sources (from a library database) to illustrate problem and support solution
Summarize and evaluate scholarly sources (state how this research is useful to you and how you know it is reliable)
Use credible sources as evidence to support their stance
Develop a logical, cohesive, and coherent stance on their problem/solution
Anticipate and respond to opposing viewpoints clearly and logically
Submit a 13-slide presentation (PowerPoint; Google Presentation; Prezi; etc.)
Include in-text and a works cited
Include at least 5 cited images
Review presentation skills and practice presentation
Present their 5-7 minute presentation in class, to the class
Organization of Presentation

Slide 1: Title of presentation; Your Name; Course name and #
Slide 2: Statement of problem and solution (Thesis)
Example: I believe homeless is a problem because (reason 1) there are too many people begging for money, (reason 2) people have to steal in order to survive, and (reason 3) it is our duty as humans to provide everyone with shelter. I believe a realistic solution to homelessness would be the renovation of abandoned buildings to serve as homeless shelters, which would help the economy and help the homeless.
Slide 3: Summary and Evaluation of Resource 1, 2 & 3
Title of articlewas written by ___ and in ____ on (date of publication). The main points of this article are: ____. The evidence the author uses to support these points are: ____. This is a reliable source because: ____. This resource is useful to me because ___.
Slide 4: Reason supporting thesis #1
State your reason as a topic sentence and then use evidence provided by your resources to support and validate this reason (in-text citations!)
Slide 5: Reason supporting thesis #2
Slide 6: Reason supporting thesis #3
Slide 7: Argument Rebuttal
Slide 8: Solution: What the solution is and Who it helps
Slide 9: Solution: Where it would be/take place, When it would be, and How it would be accomplished
Slide 10: Solution: Benefits of your solution, or why?
Slide 11: Solution Rebuttal (What problems people may have with your solution)
Slide 12: Conclusion
Slide 13: Works Cited (MLA format)