Rime and Punishment and ways to make our prison system better

For the past weeks we have been exploring the problems associated with prisons and the justice system and this paper should focus on one or two aspects of these topics. Although prisons are likely to always be a fact of life, you might consider what we might do to make them better, to make them more cost-effective so that non-violent prisoners can be part of the economy, rather than a drain on it. There are many issues to explore an argue about. What has struck you about these readings and viewings?

In one class, a student, had some fascinating facts about the prisons in Brazil; you might research how other nations handle their prisoners to see if we could learn anything from our allies. Perhaps youll focus on the War on Drugs; the factors of race, education and poverty in the prison population and how we might engage in more effective preventative measures; the use or misuse of money for the corrections and law enforcement–especially the legal seizures of property; whether privatization has been a good/bad development in the war on crime; the scandal of lobbyists who want stricter laws and enforcement to fill their pockets-siphoning tax-payer dollars from education to the prison industry; the labor issue associated with these prisons and whether corporations should be able to exploit this population, while driving down US wages; the abolition of voting rights for prisoners might be an interesting topic, especially since there have been more African Americans disenfranchised than during Jim Crow; the causes of the high recidivism rates; and so on.

The topic must use at least one of our readings or viewings and must research at least one additional source, and must use a minimum of three sources. Youll also be expected to write a question that you are answering in your paper.

Though our readings and viewings focus more on critique, youve noticed that they are more effective when they take a more balanced approach, speaking back to the conventional notions of prisons and the justice system, or discussing both the positives and negatives with regard to our present systems.

this paper should be 4 to 5 pages of double-spaced 12 point font pages written in MLA style with in-text citations for quotes, paraphrasing, opinions, and facts that you find from sources (videos, our readings, and your research) and should include a Work Cited page

Some Ideas for Topics:

-How do race, education, and poverty play a role in the ever rising incarceration rate in the United States?

-If the detention of prisoners can be a commercial success, can we successfully commercialize the rehabilitation and reintegration into society of criminals?

Rime and Punishment and ways to make our prison system better

This already a written paper. However, there are revisions that need to be made and ideas that need to be expanded on. Please read all the comments in red on attached document and make revisions as neccessary. Teacher recommends that perhaps a revision could take a closer look at aspects of the problem and compare the US policies with those of other nations.

I dont imagine that a revision would be more than 750 words. Please let me know if my estimate is off.