Rime and Punishment in the UK(crime law module)

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 reduces deterrence within the UK criminal justice system.discuss
(above is the question of the essay)

*Discuss this in depth, whether CJA increase or decrease deterrence.

*looking at what CJA trying to implement

*what is the goverment aim to do?

*is it sensible?

*is it fair?
when you write the essay you must use footnote during the essay whenever and whereever you use the reference or any source .and give full reference details in the bibilography. when you use the books you must must use the books which published in england and sell in u.k(for example london, oxford etc,,)
you must not only relys on the internet sources, you should use books as well as internet source and etc,,,
you must not not not copy and paste from anybooks or internet, others work and from any sources as they have electric systems for plagiarism.
there is a book of 2003 criminal justice act 2003 in uk try to use one.
and try to look for ANDREW ASHWORTH journal of criminal justice act and use them as reference.