Rime Rates and High Violence Rates & other issues

Please this assignment is a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION WITH IN-DEPTH SPEAKER NOTES, please keep that in mind. This PowerPoint must be original, which it means that the similarity score of the originality of the PowerPoint must be not higher than 30 percent. Please sorry if I capitalized some words, but I just do it so that way you donat forget the important things that needs to be in the powerpoint. This PowerPoint presentation must be 14 SLIDES WITH IN-DEPTH SPEAKER NOTES and please make sure the whole 14 slides have the same background. Please this is how I want the PowerPoint presentation to be presented: the first slide leave it for the cover page, which is the name of the assignment, institution and name of the student. The second slide I do need an abstract with no more than 120 words. The third slide I do need an introduction. After the third slide comes the body of the work, which I believe it should be nine slides. Then I need a conclusion slide, and then the last slide must be the reference slide. Please A VERY IMPORTANT POINT FOR ONLY THE THIRD QUESTION I NEED THREE SLIDES of information FOR ONLY QUESTION NUMBER THREE, please keep that in mind.
Please this PowerPoint presentation must be written only in third person. Please this assignment must include in-text citations and CREDIBLE references in APA format ( please I need 4 credible references). Please I need credible references and STAY AWAY FROM THE FOLLOWING SOURCES: Wikipedia, wisegeek, ehow, answer.com, ask.com, etc, these ARE NOT credible or valid sources so please DO NOT RESEARCH ON THESE SOURCES. Please try to do a lot of paraphrasing in the whole PowerPoint and not have too large of direct quotes. Again for this PowerPoint I do need an ABSTRACT page with no more than 120 words. Please I do need an INTRODUCTION. Also I do need a CONCLUSION at the end of the PowerPoint. Please be very ORGANIZED in the PowerPoint and make sure the whole PowerPoint flowed very well and please write subsequent titles to separate the ideas of the Powerpoint, thus thatas an excellent point, because my professor likes to see that. This assignment has FIVE questions to answer; please only focus on those FIVE questions and please be very SPECIFIC and with SUFFICIENT DETAIL. Please a very important point I need you to separate each answer with the number each question, so that way it will be easier to follow and understand. Also please remember the use of direct quotes is strongly discouraged. Iam uploading the assignment:

Please answer the following questions in a PowerPoint presentation with in-depth speaker notes and remember
as you answer the following questions, use academic sources or real-life empirical examples to accentuate and support your findings and presentation.

1. Describe the rates of violence (murder, aggravated assault, rape, robbery) in the United States, and compare them to at least 2 other industrialized countries.

2. Discuss some of the difficulties of comparing crime rates across countries.

3. Describe some of the macro-level social and economic factors that differentiate the United States from other countries.

4. Discuss some of the potential reasons for the United Statesa high violence rate in comparison to other industrialized countries.

5. Discuss which criminological theories may be used to explain the United Statesa high rate of violence.

Please remember to include in-text citations and credible references in APA format to support your argument. Thank you so much for your help.