Rime scene analysis Witness Statement

write the witness statement of the following case u attended and include all exhibits you collected during the practical exam

Monday 2nd December 2013

early this morning at approximately 0250 hours, ARU police received a phone call from Miss Mary Jay asking for a female police officer to meet her in Ruskin Park where she had been attacked. At around 0300 hours PC Cagney and Ps Lacey attended Ruskin Park where they were met by very distressed Miss Jay, who was only partially clothed. she claims to have been raped by a male known to her, as she owed him money. Mary Jays first account states that she had been round to see Big Mickey at around 2345 hours, at his home address of 125 Peter taylor Way to get her normal weekly supply of cannabis. As she was behind with her payment for the payment for the cannabis. Mickey suggested that she that she could pay him back with sex rather than money, she said that she would think about it and would go back the next evening to let him know her decision. she then left the permises at about 0020 hours and made her way back home across Ruskin park, Which is situated behind the peter taylor way estate.

After around 5 minutes of walking she realised that she was being followed by Big Mickey who asked her again for sex as way of payment for the cannabis. she refused and tried to run off, but Mickey grabbed her and pushed her down to the ground near the hedge and raped her (virginally) He then said thats the payment for last week package, so come back again tomorrow to pay off the others He then left the park in the direction of the his home address. Miss jay has now been taken to Addenbrooks Hospital by PC Cagney for a medical examination
You have been requested to attend the area of Ruskin Park by DI frost, who is now leading the investigation you have been tasked as a group to record the scene visually through sketches, video, still photography. Measurements are to be taken of the entire scene including all items that are going to be recovered. as the weather forecast appears to be unfavourable it is necessary that the scene is processed as soon as possibly in order to preservr the evidence.

each group member must recover and package at least two exhibits each
Each group member must have a sketch with measurements
Each group member must have complete a scene book.

* to the cutom essay in the above that was the case i attended and we were group of four, first thing we did was initial assessment, and we video recorded which was taken by group member (M.A.S) as his first exhibit, and he (M.A.S) also taken the photographed exhibits including general scene shots, mid range and close up shots of each evidence.

Exhibits at the scene were, ladies underwear hanging on a tree, beer bottle, knife, black shoe, condom, condom wrap (cover), nokia mobile phone.

then we done the sketches after complete the sketches collected the evidence:
NBW collected the black shoe exhibit noNBW001
NBW collected the Knife Exhibit noNBW002
M.A.S collected the condom Exhibit noM.A.S002

Referencing Requirements:
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