Rimes Against Humanity and Genocide (The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda ICTR)

LLM International Criminal Justice Law

Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda ICTR , research the issues regarding the case and any subsequent developments of the law. Your assignment should include an explanation for the causes and conditions of genocide, your understanding of genocide in terms of the criminology and political structure within which it took place, the context in which it occurred, the motives of the perpetrator, the nature of the victims, and the stages through which genocide passed.

The assessment will be by way of an essay (4000 words maximum). The word limit must not be exceeded. It is a maximum and there is no need to use 4,000 words if you can adequately answer the question in less.

All sources must be fully and appropriately referenced. You must provide a Bibliography indicating ALL sources consulted.

Please note what is said in the LLM programmes Student Handbook about plagiarism and collusion. Work that falls unto these categories will fail and students can be subject to other penalties that can have very serious consequences.

N.B. Detailed outline and footnotes are essential.