Rimes against humanity and the international community

To whom it may concern,

I would like a paper based on my topic with and emphasis on the Rwandan Genocide. I would like you to follow my structure posted below.

Introduction: What are crimes against humanity, what crimes have been commited by humanity and the international community, what caused the rwandan genocide, etc…

Issues: as sources specify

Body: Description of what happened and why

Conclusion: Summary of what is written.

Please talk about the following and relate it to the Rwandan Genocide:

1. The US policies and Genocide.
2. International Criminal Court.
3. Why there was no intervention.
4. Why was there ethnic differences.

Please use the following sources aswell as others.



Genocide Rwanda: A Collective Memory (paperback)
By: John A. Berry, Carol Pott Berry

I would like the INTRODUCTION and SUMMERY to be MINIMUM 1 PAGE LONG EACH. Also I would like the paper to be in 1.5 SPACING.

Thank you.