Rimes against Property, People, and Public Order

Using the three (3) following crimes, in a 3 5 page paper, respond to the following questions for each of the three (3) scenarios:

(1) define the elements of the crime, including the actus reus and mens rea for each crime;
(2) identify whether the crime is classified as a crime against property, crime against person or a crime against public order and why the crime is so classified; and
(3) describe a factual scenario, either fictional or true in fact, in which the crime is committed.

Use the Model Penal Code definitions as outlined in your text. Make sure you clearly identify the elements as outlined in that statute. Separate your responses for each scenario with separate headings in your paper. Remember to answer each of the three (3) questions above for each of the scenarios and, when referring to your text, clearly cite your source both in the body of your paper and in the reference page.

The three (3) crimes to be discussed in this project are as follows: (1) Kidnapping (2) First Degree Murder (3) Arson.

The paper should contain a cover page and a list of references in APA format.

All text pages should be double-spaced and in 12-point font.

The following was an email sent by the professor for more guidance:


A student has asked for some guidance in completing the Unit 9 final project. I have prepared the following response, which you may find helpful:

.Follow ALL of the directions for EACH of the THREE crimes. If you provide less than all the information for each crime, you cannot get all the credit.

.The paper must be AT LEAST THREE pages, not including cover and reference pages.

.Include both a COVER page and a REFERENCE page.

.Provide a DEFINITION for each crime, citing LIPPMANs E-TEXT (NOT an outside source). Be sure to identify EACH ELEMENT of the crime contained in the definition.

.Clearly state BOTH the ACTUS REUS and the MENS REA for each crime.

.You must state whether EACH offense is classified as a crime against PROPERTY, PERSON OR PUBLIC ORDER.

.Provide a FACTUAL scenario, demonstrating an example of each of the three crimes. It can be a true event or one you make up; but, you must include FACTS: i.e., Who? What? Where? When? How? (Dont state a conclusion, such as, The defendant committed an arson on the premises.Rather, state WHO did WHAT act; WHERE he did it; WHEN he did it; and HOW exactly was it carried out).

This paper is due Tuesday night midnight Eastern time.