Riminal Activities of Gangs and other Dangerous Groups

Due date is FEB 1, 2010!!!
FEB 1 is when I need the paper back.

The research paper will give students the opportunity to analyze and write about a significant issue related to criminal justice. The requirements for the paper are:
” An 8 10 page (Main Body) paper.
” Proper grammar and spelling are REQUIRED.
” Paper is to be written in Microsoft Word in the APA format and have an abstract, followed by the main body (which should include an introduction and conclusion) and a reference page. (note: each text citation should have a corresponding reference in the reference page). Please reference the APA manual if you are including graphs, charts, etc.
” At least one citation/reference from your textbook and a minimum of three or more references from other resources.
” Paper must have title page and reference page in APA format.
” Paper cannot contain portions of papers you have previously submitted to this or any other institution.
” Papers will be placed in the Digital Drop Box of Blackboard ONLY. I will NOT accept papers attached to an email. Once you place your paper into the drop box please send me an email that you have done so-I will then confirm receipt of your paper.
” Paper can not contain more than 20% of another authors work and it must be properly cited.
” Students must select a topic in the section of the text that is assigned to them as per their last name. Besides using your textbook as a source, you must also use three other additional outside sources for your paper. For example