Riminal behavior among patients with schizophrenia

Hello. I need an annotated bibliography for a journal article. I tried to select that type but it would not let me select a level which would not allow my order to submit so I selected book report/review for the type of paper needed. The following are the directions and I will provide the journal article in a pdf.

Authorlastname, I., Secondauthorlastname, I., & Thirdauthor, I. (year). Title of the article. Title of the journal, (vol.#), page#s.
This annotated summary is intended to promote evidence-based practice by exploring the nursing literature, exploration of a topic of interest, an opportunity to use APA, a sample of how you might collect information about a subject for a larger writing assignment, and give you an opportunity to sharpen summary skills. Start with the purpose for the article (authors purpose). Then, summarize main points. If you need to use the authoras words, put the statement within quotes followed by the page number like (p. 111). One approach to summarizing is to highlight or make a one-sentence/statement in the margin of your article for each paragraph or section. Then, when you are finished, summarize the main points you have identified. Include the conclusions and/or recommendations by the author.
Next, briefly, describe the reason you chose the article and your response to the article. Does it provide you with new information? How would this impact nursing care?
A few instructions to use for the assignment include sticking to one page, double-spaced, and using Times New Roman 12-pt.-font. Using this template will satisfy this requirement. To fill in your material, just highlight (select) the existing text and start typing your own. Going a little over in length is okay since quality is better than quantity, but try to keep that to a minimal. Use examples provided to help you with APA formatted reference. If these examples do not fit your article, try the Purdue U. website: