Riminal Investigation Analysis: Psychological Profiling

When a criminal investigation analyst evaluates the information contained in the requesting agencys Report of Investigation (ROI), completed VICAP Report and all attachments to assist the profiler in developing a psychological and physical profile of a serial offender; he or she is looking to establish whether or not a [criminal] psychopathology is present in the victim and in the crime scene. Though the state of the crime scene and the condition of the physical evidence is the chief determinate for the establishment of a crime scene classification (organized, disorganized, mixed), the analyst will be examining the Non-physicalevidence to establish the Motiveof the killer; and to decide whether or not a [criminal] psychopathology exists.

Answer the following question:

1) You are the criminal analyst: profiler. Write a 7-page paper explaining what a Criminal psychopathologyis; and identify the various kinds of criminal psycho-pathologies and how they might manifest in the victim and the crime scene of the serial killer.