RIMINAL JUSTICE 1 question reseacrh paper


1). Marijuana Legalization: Should marijuana be legalized? Discuss and analyze the history of marijuana use in the United States. Discuss both sides of the legalization argument. Be sure to conclude what direction the country should take in the next 20 years, and why.
Lyman, M. D. (2011). Drugs in Society: Causes, Concepts and Control. (6th Ed.), Burlington, MA: Anderson Publishing.
Kuhn, C., Swartzwelder, S., & Wilson, W. (2008) Buzzed: The straight facts about the most used and abused drugs from alcohol to ecstasy (3rd ed). New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Co.
Research Paper
The research paper will include 10 pages of content excluding the cover page, abstract, table of contents and reference section. Your paper must not go over the 10 page content maximum.
APA 6th edition must be followed with the formulation of the paper. Additionally, you must use the Final Paper Template which is found in the course materials section of the class.
The final paper is to be written in an academic tone. You are not to write in the first person. Instead you need to use third person. Remember, an academic paper is not to be written like you are having a casual conversation with your friends. Do not include slang or foul language unless you are quoting someone.
Large word-for-word quotes are not permitted for the final paper as well. Try to limit direct quotes and paraphrase instead. The final paper needs to include an examination on current research of the particular problem you choose to examine and it needs to include the studentas careful and informed analysis of the issue.
Remember that the final paper needs to be submitted as a Word Doc attachment. The paper needs to be written in 12a font, using Times Roman. Margins will also need to be 1a.

a? A minimum of seven to ten references per assignment. One reference can include the textbook. However, you will need to include several additional academic sources. These sources should consist of scholarly journals that have been peer reviewed and academically based books. Web sources can be used, though they should come from credible sources such as government agencies, academics and private agencies with a strong reputation within the community they serve. If you have a question Examples of peer reviewed scholarly based journals include:

Journal of Criminology
Crime and Public Opinion
Journal of Criminal Justice and Public Policy
Justice Quarterly: JQ

You will not be allowed to use web pages or web groups such as Wikipedia found at and Answers.com, as the information contained in these web pages are academically questionable. You cannot use web pages of a questionable background or academic source.
Furthermore, you will not be permitted to cite encyclopedias, dictionaries, newspapers (unless otherwise permitted) and popular magazines