Riminal Justice and Minority Groups Diversity

Question: You are required to produce TWO concise 1000 word articles as part of a miscellany on criminal justice and minority groups. Choose TWO key diversity issues in criminal justice. Select TWO titles from the following list:br /
a. Towards a definition of diversity;br /
b. Police policy and practice in relation to diversity an outline;br /
c. the implications of the Equality Act 2010 for criminal justice public authorities;br /
d. Key issues in criminal justice in relation to any one of the six strands of diversity (race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability);br /
e. the ethical and business case for responding to diversity;br /
f. Approaches to diversity by the Probation service.br /
br /
Your two concise articles need to be supported with literature and fully referenced using the Harvard APA referencing. eg. reference list for each article.br /
br /
Assessment guidance: br /
* you should (where relevant to you) make reference to your own area of professional practice by way of examples, AND OR the use of case studies.br /
* demonstrate that you have rasped and understood the relevant theoretical concepts (for example the nature of diversity, the meaning of institutional racism, the nature of prejudice). Also it is important to demonstrate that you are able to be appropriately critical in your writing. Eg. where you cite work of an author in what ways can what they say be challenged what are the strengths and weaknesses of their argument.