Riminal Justice class: [class title] Terrorism & Homeland Security–Assignment: Counterterrorism Policy

Criminal Justice class: [class title] Terrorism & Homeland Security
PLZ make it around 600~650 words… And PLZ let me know if you cannot access any of the readings(textbook)
Rubric(in the instruction) is really important, please take really close and careful look.
Those are the two textbooks we use:
1. Nacos, B.L. (2012). Terrorism & Counterterrorism, 4th Edition.
2. Horgan, J. & Braddock, K. (2012). Terrorism Studies: A Reader.

Here are the readings we need to do for writing this assignment:
Nacos: Chapter 10: Terrorism and Americanas Post-9/11 National Security Strategy
Nacos: Chapter 11: The Utility of Hard and Soft Power in Counterterrorism
Nacos: Chapter 12: Balancing Security, Liberty, and Human Rights
Nacos: Chapter 13: Homeland Security: Preparedness & Prevention
Horgan & Braddock: Chapter 19: a?A tertiary model for countering terrorism in liberal democracies: The case of Israela? by Pedahzur & Ranstorp.
Horgan & Braddock: Chapter 21: a?Fire of Iolaus: The role of state countermeasures in causing terrorism and what needs to be done.a? by Silke.
Horgan & Braddock: Chapter 22: a?Key considerations in counter-ideological work against terrorist ideologya? by Bin Hassan.

For this assignment: you will develop what you believe is an ideal counterterrorism policy for either the military or federal law enforcement to combat an ongoing terrorist threat. You must argue for why your policies are appropriate and adequately balance personal freedom with a very real risk to personal safety. Finally, you will be asked to think about what your critics would say, enumerate their perspective, and counter it. –from my prof
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