Riminal Justice class: [class title] Terrorism & Homeland Security–Assignment: Defining Terrorism

Criminal Justice class: [class title] Terrorism & Homeland Security
PLZ make it around 600~650 words… And PLZ let me know if you cannot access any of the readings(textbook)
Rubric(in the instruction) is really important, please take really close and careful look.
Those are the two textbooks we use:
1. Nacos, B.L. (2012). Terrorism & Counterterrorism, 4th Edition.
2. Horgan, J. & Braddock, K. (2012). Terrorism Studies: A Reader.

Here are the readings we need to do for writing this assignment:
Nacos: Chapter 2: The perennial debate: What is terrorism?
Horgan & Braddock: Chapter 4: a?Conceptualization of terrorismi?? by Gibbs.
Horgan & Braddock: Chapter 5: a?The challenges of conceptualizing terrorism by Weinberg, Pedahzur & Hirsch-Hoefler.
Horgan & Braddock: Chapter 6: a?The response problem as a definition problem by Schmid.
thank you!