Riminal Justice class: [class title] Terrorism & Homeland Security–Assignment: Group Risk

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Those are the two textbooks we use:
1. Nacos, B.L. (2012). Terrorism & Counterterrorism, 4th Edition.
2. Horgan, J. & Braddock, K. (2012). Terrorism Studies: A Reader.

Here are the readings we need to do for writing this assignment:
Nacos: Chapter 9, Organizational Structures and the Financing of Terror
Horgan & Braddock: Chapter 10: Hizbollahs command leadership: Its structure, decision-making, and relationship with Iranian clergy and institutions? by Ranstorp.
Horgan & Braddock: Chapter 17: The strategic logic of suicide terrorism by Pape.
Jackson, B. (2006). Groups, Networks, or Movements: A Command-and-Control-Driven Approach to Classifying Terrorist Organizations and Its Application to Al Qaeda. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 29(3).
Miller, E. (2012). Patterns of Onset and Decline Among Terrorist Organizations. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 28(1): 77-101.

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