Riminal Justice class: [class title] Terrorism & Homeland Security–Assignment: The Justification of Violence

Criminal Justice class: [class title] Terrorism & Homeland Security
PLZ make it around 600~650 words… And PLZ let me know if you cannot access the article links in the word file (the FIVE resources I determined include this article, u will see if you look at the instruction).
Rubric is really important, please take really close and careful look.
Those are the two textbooks we use:
1. Nacos, B.L. (2012). Terrorism & Counterterrorism, 4th Edition.
2. Horgan, J. & Braddock, K. (2012). Terrorism Studies: A Reader.

Here are the readings we need to do for writing this assignment:
Nacos: Chapter 1: Introduction: The terrorist threat.
Horgan & Braddock: Chapter 2: a?How new is the new terrorism?a? by Duyvesteyn.
Horgan & Braddock: Chapter 3: a?The four waves of modern terrorisma? by Rapoport.