Riminal Justice: Intelligent Web Searching

Homework Assignment Intelligent Web Searching
Find three websites that contain information about a?RAPE IN NEW YORKa? it should relate with criminal justice/public safety and technology, and present them in a word-processing document. Each web page that you choose to list must offer information on a?RAPE IN NEW YORKa?, not just links to related pages. If possible, choose sites of different categories: a government site (.gov), an educational (.edu) or organizational site (.org), or a commercial site (.com). News articles or online journalism sites are not acceptable (e.g., CNN, NY Times, etc.).
Using the following link http://who.godaddy.com to complete the following:
1. Give the URL for the site.
2. List the site owner or responsible organization.
3. List the personal author. If this information is not listed, write a?Personal Author unavailablea?.
4. Give the last date the site was updated (if the information is available) or the date of a relevant document on the site. If the date is not given, write a?Date unavailablea?.
5. Summarize the information in the site (navigate through other links). Is the information accurate, reliable, and current? Is it biased? Explain.
Format the assignment so that it is clear what topic you have chosen and give a brief description to each of your sites.