Riminal Justice: Introduction to Security

1. Explain the history of security services. How far back does this history go? What did security organizations do prior to the present? How has the role of security service organizations changed over time?

2. Describe various types of threats to modern society s safety and security. Also, define  risk, and explain the five distinct types of risk that pose threats to people and places. Give examples of how security officials and organizations can contribute toward the protection or mitigation against various types of threats and risks, should they materialize.

3. Explain the authority of private security personnel. Do most security officers have broad or limited police powers? Explain. Also, in your estimation, what should the powers of security officials be? Feel free to draw distinctions (i.e., powers should vary depending on context), but then also explain the distinctions.

4. Describe the five levels of physical security protection. Also, give examples of contexts or settings that would warrant each of the five levels of protection. Finally, provide examples of measures or countermeasures common to each of these levels.

5. What are the primary requirements found in the ASIS Code of Ethics? How important is a code of ethics for an occupation such as security? Which elements of the code of ethics do you think are the most important? Why? In your estimation, is the code of ethics important enough to warrant personnel action (i.e., reprimands, termination, etc.) against security personnel who violate it in even minor ways? Why?