Riminal Justice Management and Administration 307

Police Management and Administration Exploration #1: Prepare a paper on Emotional Intelligence (EI) following the instructions below in 4 pages maximum. Use Times New Roman 12pt. font, one-inch margins, and double-space your paper. Place your assignment in the Coursework-Assignments by Sunday 11:55pm Eastern. Please type your name, assignment and course number at the top of your paper. Submit to the Coursework-Assignments tab under Week 2.

So far you have read about how important it is for police officers to have good communication skills and be able to deal with the community in a positive friendly matter rather than a a?just the factsa? approach. To do this, the concept of having Emotional Intelligence becomes very important. I would like you to research the concept of Emotional Intelligence and do the following:

a? Explain your understanding of what Emotional Intelligence (definition is) in your own words and some of the general literature about it.
a? Discuss whether you believe it can be learned and strengthened, or whether you believe it is an inborn characteristic.

a? Finally, review the article on Campus Web entitled: a?Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Learning How to Be More Aware.a? In the last part of your paper I would like you to tell me what aspect of Emotional Intelligence you are best at and why, and which you think you are the weakest at and why (You may use the first person a?Ia? in this portion of your paper).