Riminal Justice Management and Administration CJM 307

Police Management and Administration Exploration #3 Prepare a 5-page paper on Police Departments and other Law Enforcement Agencies a?Doing more with less.a? Please do not make the assignment into a a?complainta? session about your agency having to do more with less. The student may mention the effects of doing more with less in their agency, however, the goal is to research departments all over the country and how they are handling budget cut backs and how it is affecting them. The student may explore agencies not being able to hire more people and that fact that making officers have to work harder with less people lowers morale. Additionally, the student should discuss not only the effects of doing more with less, but what some departments are doing to combat it such as using volunteers to take reports, using cameras instead of officers, using new technology etc. There is a great deal of information on the internet about both its effects and solutions.