Riminal Justice Management: Employee Supervision

Instructions for this paper are as follows (directly from my syallbus):


TERM PAPER: .The Term Project paper for this course will be a 2,000+-word research paper and will be worth 20 points TOTAL (20% of your final grade).

TOPIC SELECTION: The student will select one aspect related to the administration and/or management of criminal justice organizations for analysis and examine it in detail. You must use a minimum of five outside sources other than or in addition to your textbook (e.g., newspaper articles, magazine articles, books, documentaries, interviews, etc.) in writing your project. The kind and quantity (minimum five) of outside sources is your choice. The choice of topic and direction of analysis is yours, however, you are recommended to keep them narrow and specific.

DO NOT SIMPLY DESCRIBE THE SUBJECT OF YOUR PAPER. The paper can include some description, but should also analyze, ask  why? , discuss consequences and effects, make an argument supported by evidence and reasoning, and/or otherwise demonstrate thoughtful analysis of your chosen subject  analysis which shows YOUR THOUGHTS on the subject and DOES NOT MERELY REPEAT WHAT THE SOURCES TELL YOU.

You are to draw from the descriptions and analysis of various sources and then PRESENT YOUR OWN COHERENT ARGUMENT AND CONCLUSIONS on the subject which are supported by evidence and reasoning.

Please keep in mind that THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF THE PAPER SHOULD BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. A series of quotes segued together by a few transitional sentences will not suffice. I get concerned when it exceeds 15% and I start taking off points at 20%.

Please use either MLA or APA styles when citing your references.

You are required to include a bibliography or reference section.


Criminal Justice Management: Employee Supervision

The size of a criminal justice agency, partnered with that agencies goals and objectives, undoubtedly affects how employees are supervised. Several different types of supervision are prevalent within modern law enforcement agencies. Among these types of supervision are the Traditional Model and the Human Service Model of Employee Supervision. Each model is unique and provides different qualities to a Law Enforcement Agency. (Kalinich, 2008)

This paper intends to analyze both models of employee supervision while examining the pros and cons of each. It will also determine which model, based on others research, I believe corresponds best with modern law enforcement agencies. It will answer the question  why? I expect, from my initial research on the topic, that the Traditional Model of Employee Supervision is most prevalent and corresponds best with modern law enforcement because the Human Service Model of Employee Supervision seems difficult to consistently practice.

Kalinich, D., Klofas, J., & Stojkovic, S. (2008). Criminal justice organizations: Administration and management. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.