Riminal Justice Operations: Scenario Investigative Plan”

Scenario Project: Investigative Plan


You are elected the New Chief of your Department in City X and are charged with the responsibility of creating a plan to deal with the multiple daytime robbery attacks in your area. Your first order of business is to assemble the police reports on all of the attacks and create a strategic operational/investigative plan to address the crimes and ultimately present this plan to the mayor of City X at the next meeting, which will be held in a public forum.

Please address the following questions in detail. Be creative and utilize any and all investigative actions/resources that you can think of. Remember, you are to assemble a plan to address the crimes and ultimately catch the individuals responsible. The mayor and citizens of City X are expecting you to unveil this plan at the next town meeting.

1.Create and outline/describe a list of 10 investigative steps youad take to address this situation.
2.What technological assistance would be needed to conduct this operation?
3.What measures would you take to analyze the pattern of robbery activity?
4.How would you go about synthesizing the data and coming to a conclusion based on the data?
5.What types of investigative units would you use to assist in the operation to catch the perpetrators?
6.What supplies/equipment would you purchase to enable the investigation and operation to be conducted. Given the fact that monies allocated for same are low, what steps would you take to procure more funds.