Riminal Justice Organizations and Initiating Change

Write an essay on organizational alternatives and social change, focusing on the concepts of decision-making, organizational effectiveness, and change and innovation. In your own words, briefly define each of these three concepts. Explore such questions as:

How do criminal justice professionals make decisions, and how does their approach differ from other organizations?

How do we determine if criminal justice agencies and individual employees are effective in carrying out their mission?

How do administrators and line staff in police, and/or courts, and/or corrections respond to and implement change and innovation?

What are some of the common barriers to change in criminal justice organizations?

What role does research play in changing policy criminal justice organizations?

What changes do you see for the future of specific areas of the criminal justice system?

You may utilize case studies from the text or draw upon information from documented outside sources. Where possible, use your own personal knowledge and experience to enhance your points and strengthen your writing.