Riminal Justice Organizations Assignment 2

Assignment Two: Chapter Seven

Due Date: October 8, 2014

For this assignment you will be referring back to a leader that either you currently work with or have worked for in the past to answer the questions listed below specifically about that leader. If you have not had a previous employer contact the instructor for a modification of the assignment.

1. What theory of leadership do you feel that this person possessed (consider any of the behavioral model, contingency theories, or transformational leadership)? Define that specific theory or leadership first and then be specific about how that leader fit that specific theory.

2. Do you feel that this leadership style was effective in your workplace? Could another style have been more effective?

3. What style of leadership do you feel that criminal justice organizations (law enforcement, courts, and corrections) should use? Do you feel that the same type of leadership style would be effective for all of the organizations, or should it vary from each type of organization (law enforcement, courts, and corrections)?

Riminal Justice Organizations Assignment 2

You are to carefully read the following material & answer questions on Criminal Justice Organizations. I will provide you access to E-book that you will be using to answer questions. You do NOT need to provide me any outside sources for this assignment. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me as soon as possible. Each question must be answered correctly and completely, and the response must be grammatically correct. Information from the Ebook text, or PowerPoints that I provide, can be used to respond to the question.