Riminal Justice Organizations Assignment 3

Assignment Three: based on Chapter Nine

You have just been promoted to head the office of special investigations for a maximum security prison in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Your job for this assignment is to develop a program for training corrections officers for a special internal affairs unit. You have decided that you will recruit from the current pool of correctional officers who work at the prison and want them to work in an undercover capacity while acting as a regular correctional officer for the immediate future , as you feel this is a good strategy to ferret out the problems in the prison system. With this background information in hand please respond in detail to the following questions:

1. Whom would you recruit , and how would you structure the process of training? Would special training be necessary in the early phases of the operation, and if so , how would you propose to do the training while keeping their identity secret?

2. What would the content of this training be? What specifically would you want them to know before they start the undercover operation?

3. What problems with the socialization process do you anticipate? Do you feel that their personal feelings towards any of the officers and prisoners (since they have worked with many of these officers and prisoners before as a fellow officer) could cloud their judgment on those specific individuals? How would you propose to protect these officers from retribution from officers and inmates who may be identified by the officers undercover actions?

Riminal Justice Organizations Assignment 3

You are to carefully read the following material & answer questions on Criminal Justice Organizations. I will provide you access to E-book that you will be using to answer questions. You do NOT need to provide me any outside sources for this assignment. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me as soon as possible. Each question must be answered correctly and completely, and the response must be grammatically correct. Information from the Ebook text, or PowerPoints that I provide, can be used to respond to the question.