Riminal Justice/Supreme Court Case Project: Individual Rights Perspective v. Crime Control Perspective

For the following 30 cases, please give the year and the chief justice at the time of the decision (i.e. the Burger Court, the Warren Court, the Roberts Court, etc.) and which perspective the decision represents. Review Chapter 1: The Theme of This Book, pages 5-7 of the textbook. It will give you an understanding of what the Individual Rights and Crime Control perspectives are.

Grade the cases on a scale of 1 to 10, one being Individual Rights and ten being Crime Control. Where do you think the cases fall on that scale? Give your reason(s) for each ranking and write a few lines explaining each ranking; keep the explanations short.

Montejo v. Louisiana (p. 153) Florida v. Bostick

Edwards v. Arizona Katz v. U.S.

Chimel v. California Kentucky v. King (p. 136)

Illinois v. Gates Colorado v. Connelly

Illinois v. Wardlaw (p. 142) Hudson v. Michigan

U.S. v. Robinson U.S. v. Patane

Winston v. Lee U.S. v. Jones (p. 139)

Smith v. Ohio Illinois v. Perkins

California v. Hodari D. Schmerber v. California

Brewer v. Williams Atwater v. Lago Vista (pp. 138-140)

Kirk v. Louisiana Minnesota v. Dickerson

Preston v. U.S. Ornelas v. U.S.

Florida v. Jimeno Maryland v. Wilson

Knowles v. Iowa Illinois v. Caballes

Davis v. U.S. U.S. v. Irizarry