Riminal Law and Victimless Crimes Balancing Societal Expectations

write half a page in response to each question separately..

a?Victimlessa? crimes such as gambling, prostitution, and the use of marihuana (not including Colorado and Washington), while against the law, are the source of much debate and controversy within segments of society. In many countries such behavior is not considered to be illegal. Should these offenses continue to be criminal, particularly considering its impact on the criminal justice system; namely, the time and money (tax dollars) expended by law enforcement, the courts, and Americaas prison system. Please qualify (research) and justify your position.

As Class/Lesson 5 reveals, policing has undergone a long evolution that has led to its current day institution. Policing society is indisputably a difficult task. The publicas expectation is that the police maintain social order and control; they are expected to society safe and secure. Doing so, however, can prove quite challenging a particularly considering that segments of society behave criminally and display contempt for the role and responsibility of the police. Inherent to the nature of their job, which involves enforcing societyas laws; they inevitably become embroiled in controversy, often perceiving their own role as a?damned if we do, and damned if we donat.a?
The philosophy of community-oriented policing has been lauded as a significant advancement in bridging the gap between the police and the community at-large. After visiting the Community Policing Consortium web site (), please provide your own critique of community-oriented policing and whether it can succeed in its mission, particularly considering todayas emphasis on Homeland Security and combating terrorism.

I will be providing power point slides for the two questions. you can use 2 sources (one for each question)