Riminal Law is the subject and the topic can be on any crime. examples are in the details.

what criminal law is and its constitutional limits. The major goal of this course was cultivating a fundamental understanding and application of criminal law in each of you. This paper is a chance for you to utilize your understanding and imagination to analyze a real life criminal case. Examples are Michael Jacksonas Doctor Trial, O.J. Simpson Trial, or Casey Anthony Trial, etc. You can write on any issues we covered throughout the semester. But there must be a thorough discussion of the case on some concepts from our class. You will write one essay as a paper project for this course. You are required to complete it by the deadline with no exceptions. You must clearly cite all sources and include a reference page.
This analysis will allow me to assess the development of your comprehension and application of the course materials, while training you to write about issues in criminal justice system.
1 a Introduction.
This should introduce the opening statement, with a brief summary. You should include a thesis statement, detailing your argument in the paper. This should only be roughly 1 page.
2 a Body.
This should be an analysis of the case, based on your research of the case you pick for the paper. You should discuss specific issues that we discussed in class or reading, and how they relate to or are illustrated in the case. Your paper should discuss at least two relevant issues in the case. For example, you can discuss burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt and explain how it is played out in the trial. Or you can discuss a specific defense in the case and why it worked or not. You may try to apply several concepts explained in lecture to the case or issues in the case. You may also discuss certain procedural flaws in the criminal justice system you think need improvement. Anyway, the topic and issues are flexible, as long as you pick them up from the case and make arguments based on the concepts from our class. Also, if there is a concept or issue that might not be apparent in the case, but which you feel played a role in it, you may discuss it too. Remember, you are graded on how well you present your argument and elaborate on it. This should be two or three pages.
This should sum up you analysis of the case. Explain what your analysis of the case tells us about existing problems or legal issues in society, with regard to the study of criminal law in particular. You may also give your opinion of the case here. This should be 1 or two pages.
4Citation Requirements:
You must use at least one article from relevant journals and two citations from the textbook or lecture notes to support your argument. For this final paper, the use of 3 citations is required; the use of more would be excellent. These should be properly cited. All sources should also be properly cited with a separate works-cited page. You earn credit for required citations.