Riminal Law please see assignment criteria for question

Arthur was in a gang. He frequently carried a knife which he said he did to protect himself. He regularly used cannabis which made him paranoid and he frequently had psychotic episodes where he thought he was being attacked by aliens. One morning he woke up and smoked some cannabis and immediately suffered one of his psychotic episodes. He decided he was going to find the members of a local rival gang to beat up and put a knife in his pocket. He put a baseball cap on and pulled it down over his eyes as he did not want to be seen on any CCTV cameras. He went into the centre of town and saw two rival gang members, George and Tony, sitting on a bridge over a river. George saw Arthur approaching and said to him  what are you doing here you nutter. Arthur was incensed by this and swung a punch at George which missed George and hit Tony in the face. Tony fell off the bridge and landed by the side of the river not moving. Arthur took out the knife and told George he was going to kill him and moved forward to stab him. George ran off into the path of a bus and was killed instantly.

Arthur ran away from the scene and went to Larry s house to deliver some heroin to him as he regularly supplied him. Larry asked Arthur to prepare a syringe with the heroin which Arthur then gave to Larry who injected himself. Larry immediately had convulsions after injecting himself and fell unconscious. Arthur thought Larry was dead and decided to set fire to the house in case he got the blame. After setting fire to it, he left the house and headed home. He passed the bridge where he had been earlier and saw Tony s body by the side of the river as no one else had noticed it. He went down to the body and thinking Tony was dead, he pushed the body into the water as he did not want Tony to be found. Tony was in fact still alive and died as a result of drowning in the river. A neighbour of Larry s noticed the smoke and called the fire brigade and Larry was found dead in the house.

Advise Arthur as to his liability.
Please use footnotes and bibliography.