RIMINAL LAW (The writer Must hold a Degree in Law and have alraedy experiance in making criminal law assignments)

1. Demonstration of an awareness and depth of understanding of the main issues of law

2. The application of gained legal knowledge to problem scenarios (data collection and research skills, and evaluative and analytical skills), the reflection upon and evaluation of this application, and the drawing of logical reasoned conclusions

3. Referencing and the use of relevant legal sources (demonstrate this by using appropriate cases, statutes and academic articles to support the arguments

4. Developing arguments with supporting legal authority

5. Structure (a coherent and cogent presentation of the answer)

6. Written communication skills spelling, grammar, punctuation and appropriate legal terminology

7. Identify and discuss the relevant legal concepts

8. Identify and coherently examine any relevant policy issues

9. Demonstrate an ability to apply knowledge to the stated problem

10. Draw reasoned conclusions that are supported by argument and legal authority

11. Produce an accurate and up-to-date picture of the law in this area

12. Use appropriate terminology and language for a formal coursework answer

13. Show an ability to present an analytical argument in a comprehensible manner

14. Do not over-use the facts of decided cases.

15. Use judicial quotes but do not over-quote. Keep them short and punchy.

16. Significant critical analysis rather than be merely descriptive.

17. There should be evidence of research beyond the core textbook and lecture notes.

18. Reference to authorities or sources throughout the essay.

19. Take great care with the language, syntax and general exposition of your essay.

20. Authority of style and precision of language.

21. And finally as we have to submit coursework via email so it will be checked with the Plagiarism Software automatically and report will be emailed to us in a few minutes so it must be new not any copy version and referencing and quotes in the assignment is not more than the 10% of assignment

22. There is no flexibility in words limit so it must be less than 1500.

Thankz a lot
Referencing, Footnotes, Bibliography is in Oxford style.

Word process in Times New Roman size 14 and double line space.

Use appropriate footnotes and referencing, accompanied by bibliography.