1) You can search through the articles published in some of the major forensic psychology journals and select the ones that are of interest to you. Iave listed below some of these journals for you to browse through:

American Journal of Forensic Psychology
Behavioral Science and the Law
Criminal Justice and Behavior
Law and Human Behavior
Psychology, Crime & Law
single-spaced, typed summary (2 pgs)of what you learned from that article in your own words. Your summary should try to address the following questions: What were the forensic concepts or issues addressed in the article(s)? How did the authors research the concept (describe the methodology of the study) and what were the reported results? How does the material presented in the article relate to information presented in your text &/or course materials? What is your critical analysis of the article a your opinion of the scientific merit of the study, the conclusions the authors express, and any criticisms or ideas for further research that were inspired by the article? Give examples.

***must be found in a scientific (research-oriented) journal***