Riminology compare 2 key thinkers, cesare beccaria and cesare lombroso, and their competing ideologies

this essay is for a first year BA criminology degree. can you please use uk references sources from books, journals and online journals. preferably introductory textbooks like intro to criminology by tim newman, and fifty key thinkers in criminology by keith hayward
i would like this essay to be completed by someone who specialises in criminology and is from the uk and has studied in the uk.
i would like the introduction to be 10% the main body 80% and conclusion 10% then the reference page obviously.
the essay question is as follows compare two key thinkers and their competing ideologies ”
i have chosen cesare beccaria and cesare lombroso as the two key thinkers.
please can you use double spacing 12 point font and clear margin. and also include page numbers.
please can you ensure no plagiarism and nothing copied from wikipedia.
many thanks