Riminology Getting tough on Crime (Canadian Society)

Topic: Getting tough on Crime (Canadian Society)

What common assumptions about crime predominate in our society today? Are we Softon crime or are we taking the Get toughapproach? Where do these popular views originate? How are they maintained and reinforced? Does one of these dominant paradigms in criminology have more currency than the other with todays public? What policies best exemplify current trends? Does the re-election of the Harper government signal a change in Canadian crime prevention philosophy or more of the same? Are we moving closer or further away from the U.S. approach to crime?

1)The bibliography should contain at least seven sources, and at least four of these should be academic (i.e. scholarly books and/or

2) Briefly discuss four sources, focusing on how you intend to use each of these clearly in relation to the main argument you intend to make (i.e how will the source help you to explain, critically examine, illustrate or refute something that is central to your thesis and essay)

3) In a brief paragraph, identify what you think will be the most challenging aspect of researching and making this argument