Riminology; John Gotti Sr/ Theories as to why John Gotti Senior chose to embark on his criminal life

Below, find the instructions that need to be followed for this paper. Please Note, that the person that has been chosed for this Paper is John Gotti Senior. Their should be an abundance of information about this person.

1. Pick a Notorious Criminal. Notorious means that the person is known for doing something bad or criminal. Many students pick a serial killer, but any person known for their criminal acts, like gansters, or famous bank robbers, are fine. Please submit a topic to me by February 13th in the folder on the Learning Modules page. I will read it and give feedback. I will not grade you on the topic.

2. Gather at least 4 sources for your paper. They can NOT all be from web sites. You need to use at least ONE book. Text book use is okay as long as it is not excessively used. The paper must be 4-5 pages in length, not including the title page. NO WIKIPEDIA, please. It is not a reliable source.

Please be careful where you get your information. There are many people who like to create their own web sites and the information is sketchy at best.

3. The paper will be mainly based upon theories (discussed in readings and from your text). You need to come up with reasons or theories as to why you feel the criminal did what he/she did. So the theories (at least two) you present should mirror the other information in your paper. At least one full page of the paper should be devoted to the theory part.

*In the paper you need to describe the theories and then use information about the criminal to show that those theories best explain why he or she committed those crimes.

For example, if you choose a serial killer and believe that he or she committed those crimes because of a traumatic childhood, mental disorder, brain injury, or through faulty socialization, your focus of the paper should include details of the childhood or past that may be in direct relationship to the theories you choose.

**The focus of the paper should NOT be about how many he or she killed and all of the gory details. You obviously need to tell about the crime sprees but only with enough information to prove your point.

4. Make sure to proofread your paper. I will take off points for excessive mistakes.

5. Please include a title page with your paper. Make sure it is in APA format, and that you double space and type it. No large fonts and triple or quadruple spacing so your paper looks longer!

6. Make sure to include a works cited page at the end of your paper. This does not take the place of citing throughout the paper. You will need to do both. APA format** is needed throughout. You can retrieve information about APA format from the HCCC library page or even through reputable online sources.

7. TIPS: Please do not use  I or  we in the paper. If you want to express your opinion at the very end and use I or we, that s fine, but not through out the paper.

Avoid using contractions (don t, can t).