Riminology journal article critical evaluation

For this assignment you are required to critically evaluate the use of one or more of the following research methods in a recent criminology journal article of your choice:

a? Individual in-depth interviews
a? Focus groups
a? Participant observation/ethnography
a? Visual methods
a? Survey research using questionnaires
Your chosen journal article must have been published in an academic journal within the last five years and must be about a piece of research carried out by the authors in the field of criminology, sociology, or sport. Your critical evaluation should concentrate on the nature of the methodology employed, in particular:
a? The appropriateness of the method used in light of the research aims

a? The appropriateness of the sampling strategy

a? The adequacy of the design and implementation of the data collection method

a? The strengths and weaknesses of how the data were analysed and interpreted

a? Any ethical issues raised by the research and how well these have been addressed

If your chosen journal article makes use of more than one research method, you should also critically discuss what this adds to the research. Your critical evaluation should be supported by references to sources from the research methods literature. All sources should be properly cited in the text using the Harvard style (Name, date) and a full bibliography should be provided.