Riminology Research Paper [ School violence ]

Paper: (APA Format)
[School violence has been prevalent in discussions of crime and violence over the past five or six years. Discuss and define school violence, related legislation, the incidence of school violence, and use some examples to illustrate your points. Apply at least one criminological theory to the examples you cite. (please do not spend the entire paper telling me about the examples you use).]

Use theories from: them credit by citing her/him/them.

9. Use these assigned papers to work on your own writing skills. Good writing (for most of us) takes a lot of practice. It is helpful to read what Ive written out loud, to check the flow.

10. Be sure to place things in their proper context. For instance if you are discussing the 1920s, 1960s, India, Vietnam, etc., say so.

11. Dont use the word Feelsto describe what one of the authors said. Use words like Believes,Claims,States,etc. Feelsisnt very scholarly.

12. Avoid over use of a certain word or phrase in a sentence, paragraph or paper. An example would be using the word Concerningtwice in the same sentence. You could change one a?concerninga? to Regarding. Similarly, donat start a series of sentences with the same wording/phrasing.

13. When referring to the U.S. use the word U.S.or United States, not America. In addition to the fact that many Canadians and Central and South Americans find it offensive (and ethnocentric) that people in the U.S. refer to ourselves as Americansand our country as America,when it actually includes these other countries, more and more authors are pointing out the necessity of making the distinctions. (Some of the authors we read, do not.) Some people will refer to North Americans to discuss attitudes, etc. prevalent in the U.S. and Canada.

14. Be sure to use apostrophes where necessary and appropriately.

15. Be sure your paper has an introductory paragraph, telling the reader where the paper is headed. (It may only be a few sentences.)

16. Be sure your paper has a concluding paragraph that ties up the issues the paper focuses on. Again, this may only be a few sentences.

17. Avoid absolutes. For example, avoid statements like Women live in fear of…. It is more appropriate to write something like: a?Many women live in fear of…..a?

18. In edited books, be sure to cite the author of the chapter, not the editor of the book.

19. Avoid using one author to cite another. At the same time, donat a?lifta? what you read about another work when you havenat read it yourself. In those instances where you feel compelled to do this, it should be something like this: Hallas (1998) evaluation of Blackas (1994) work states……a? Or: Black (1994) found that…..(as cited by Hall, 1998, p. 5).

20. Avoid paragraphs over one page in length or one sentence in length.

21. Be sure to keep the tense consistent throughout your paper.

22. In cases where you are directly citing something that has quotation marks around a word or words, place the quote inside your double quotation marks in single quotation marks: According to Cray, a?we must examine girlsa a?pathwaysa to delinquencya? (1998, p. 5).

23. Do your own work! These papers are not group projects, and students turning in papers which were obviously Sharedwill flunk.

24. Direct quotes that are three lines or more should be double-indented a?paragraphs.a?