Riminology research proposalTo what extent is employee theft effecting busness.

2,000 words in total, a large part of this will be found in the literature review, design and methods , and ethics sections. Individual proposals will vary in the emphasis given to particular parts of the proposal methodology and ethics, for example.
Word totals are thus expressed as a guideline about how to apportion your efforts. The headings below provide a structure for how you will present your proposal.
Work that is totally literature based will have more written under i??previous worki??. You may wish to have more emphasis on theory and how this has shaped what has been written in your chosen area. Instead of design and methods you could detail how you are going to do the full search for the thesis ie key words, bibliographic databases, journals, any specialist libraries and so on.

Title i?? brief, self-explanatory, this is the title as it says. To what extent is employee theft effecting busness. additionally it should be said and looked at how its effecting uk economy.
Summary i?? highlights key references; the interest/importance and relevance of the chosen topic to your wider field of study; methodology of your proposed study (150 words maximum)
Aims i?? clear and succinct. Each aim should be no more than a sentence.
Stick to one or two aims only. The aim(s) reframe the title/overall purpose of the research.
Objectivesi?? clear and succinct. Each objective should be no more than a sentence. You can have a number of objectives which will help you fulfil your aim(s).
Why is this research worth doing? establish the importance/timeliness/relevance of your proposed research area (150 words maximum).
Previous work (initial literature review) i?? starts either with seminal studies which perhaps brought the issue to the public attention or with a broad sweep about the breadth of work in the field and what is already well established, funnelling down to your specific topic area, and relevance of your research. You might expect to have started your initial review by identifying at least 10 relevant studies i?? maybe many more (depending on the field you have chosen) at this stage. If there appears to be no literature on your topic, either you have not searched thoroughly enough or you have not made the connections to relevant literature, by defining your topic too narrowly. Literature reviews will vary in the emphasis they give to theory in the chosen area (500 words maximum).
Design and methods i?? If you are doing primary data collection clearly specify what type of research design you propose and the specific method(s) of data collection. If you are doing literature-based research specify clearly how you will go about your search. If you are analysing other forms of secondary data, highlight this and explain how you will analyse this data (300 words maximum).
References i?? should include research methods and the initial literature review.