Risis communications & segmented audiences

Ignore MLA style. I am taking Crisis Management.

you can select 1 case from following 3 cases.

1. Twenty die as cable car detaches from wire over French Alps(1999)

2. Three students perish in Seton Hall University Dormitory fire (2000)

3. Sara Lee recalls hot dogs and packaged meats after contamination is suspected(1999)

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Internal & external communications with segmented audiences are one of the key tools to successfully managing a crisis. Just as important, is using the best (available) channel of communication & sending appropriate messages via those channels: before, during, & following a crisis. The best PR strategy is effective, direct, & honest.

Thus, preparing a robust crisis portfolio for at least one crisis in each of 7 general categories, a SWOT analysis, & Resource Audit are vital CM elements.

Important: Submit a professional/clean assignment void of all directions to avoid loss of points.

” to identify effective communication strategy to use before, during, & following a crisis
” to identify barriers & risks to effective communication
” to outline key crisis communications


Identify 5 segmented audiences that would be impacted& State the appropriate channels of communication.
Clearly describe the specific focus of your message for each audience.

1. AUDIENCE: Channel:
o Focus of Message:
2. AUDIENCE: Channel:
o Focus of Message:
3. AUDIENCE: Channel:
o Focus of Message:
4. AUDIENCE: Channel:
o Focus of Message:
5. AUDIENCE: Channel:
o Focus of Message:

Write a one page Press Release that addresses your organizational crisis for ONE segmented audience above.
Separately identify the individual responsible for delivering the press release & support your decision. Be mindful of appropriate  framing as per the text& do not be misleading & do not use any negative language/ inferences.
Format: 8 margins, 1.5 spacing, 11pt. font in Ariel, Tahoma, or Verdana

Preparing potential Questions & Responses that the media may ask your organizational representative is one facet of professionally managing a crisis.
Create 5 meaningful questions that the media could potentially ask.
Then provide meaningful responses to each question. (Again& be mindful of  framing )

1. Q & A&
2. Q & A&
3. Q & A&
4. Q & A..
5. Q & A&