Risis Interpretation of Organizational Processes with the Symbolic Frame Reality

Listed below are the processes with the symbolic frame interpretation of reality for each organizational process. Describe a scenario in 250 words using all or most of the elements of the symbolic frame to support the efforts of a crisis between a Sales Manager and the Sales Representatives at a Branch Sales Office. The Sales Manager is not evil, just lofty and sort of out of touch with reality. The scenario will climax with one of the Sales Representatives asking how the Sales Manager obtained the management role, the Sales Manager will respond: These are privileged positions for people who live privileged lives. No references needed.

Interpretations of Organizational Processes using Symbolic Frame:

Strategic planning Ritual to signal responsibility, produce symbols, negotiate meanings

Decision making Ritual to confirm values and provide opportunities for bonding

Reorganizing Maintain an image of account-ability and responsiveness; negotiate new social order

Evaluating Occasion to play roles in shared ritual

Approaching Use conflict to negotiate meaning and develop shared values

Goal setting Develop symbols and shared values

Communication Tell stories

Meetings Sacred occasions to celebrate and transform the culture

Motivation Symbols and celebrations