Risis Intervention with a Biblical Worldview

My field of study is Professional Counseling with Biblical knowledge.
(1)Create an analytical research paper discussing my approach to intervention in general,
(2)incorporate a biblical worldview throughout,
(3)use 15 current referrences, within 6 years, and the Bible to support the approach,one of the books must be A Guide to Crisis Interventionby Kristi Kanel, 2007
(4)you may look at other models of crisis intervention as you develop this theory,
(5)the paper must be in APA 6th edition. formation,
(6) the following is a possible outline:
I-Connecting with the Individual a)identifying yourself, b)establish rapport,
II-Define the Problem,
III-Explore the clients emotional, behavioral, cognitive, psychological, and spiritual reactons,
IV-Explore Past Coping Skills,
V-Explore Adaptive (new) Coping Skills,
VI-Implementation of an Action Plan,
This is a suggestion for an outline, not absolute.